Wardrobe Doors Hinged or Sliding

A very common question I get asked is: 'should our wardrobe doors be hinged or sliding?'

Obviously, there is no 'one size fits all' answer, and we offer a bespoke fitted wardrobe service to cover all client needs, however here are some factors to bear in mind and some common myths and misunderstandings:

'Sliding doors on wardrobes will be cheaper'

Not necessarily. Very cheap sliding wardrobe doors are available from the DIY sheds but the top quality, and reliable, sliding door mechanisms used by bespoke fitted furniture makers are not especially cheap. Also the range of prices is much narrower. At Options Fitted Furniture we have a broad range of finishes on hinged doors which means that the starting price is lower than for sliders but the top end price can be double that.

'Sliding door wardrobes save space'

This is a widely stated hypothesis but it is not easily proven.

Firstly, because sliding door wardrobes usually have a double track so that one door passes in front of another with a gap between them, the space taken up by the doors is about 40 mm more than for a hinged door system. Added to this is the factor that hinged doors tend to push the sleeves of garments back into the wardrobe, whereas those sleeves can get caught between two sliding doors or trapped between the door edge and the framework at the ends of a sliding door wardrobe. Therefore, an ideal sliding door installation will be at least 50 mm (two inches) deeper than a hinged door one.

Secondly, In an ideal situation you will allow at least 450 mm (18 inches) of standing space in front of any wardrobe and provided you specify doors that are around 400 mm wide (400 mm or 16 inches is an industry standard for the made to measure wardrobe doors smallest wardrobe door, although a bespoke manufacturer will make even smaller doors). In an extremely small room, it might be necessary website for the wardrobe to extend almost click here up to the bed, such that it is only possible to access the wardrobe whilst standing or kneeling on the bed. In this case a sliding door is the only option.

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